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M-F 8-6pm Saturdays 10-2pm Call (901) 205 9556 Serving the Memphis, TN Area

My name is Eric and I am the owner of this mobile small engine repair service which has been in business since 2010.

I have over 15 years experience in the small engine repair field; I am a Kohler expert technician, a Briggs and Stratton Master Service technician, and I am certified in 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines through E.E.T.C. (Equipment and Engine Training Council: visit their site for more info:http://www.eetc.org/)

I started this business with signs on my vehicle that read, “Affordable Small Engine Repair,” with the conviction that hourly labor rates should be based on the relative purchase price of the equipment being worked on, not solely on flat shop rates. If a particular weed whacker only cost $100 new, I’m not going to charge $50 or more an hour to work on that equipment. My labor rates for more expensive engines and outdoor power equipment are also competitively priced, giving the budget minded consumer a choice.

One of my favorite things about being mobile and repairing equipment on-site is that the customer gets to observe while their troublesome machinery gets fixed or tuned-up. They get to see, step-by-step, the troubleshooting process, the intricacies of carburetor cleaning/rebuilding, or how to maintain their equipment, etc. They get to witness first-hand that sometimes you fix one problem only to find another. e.g. only the pull cord needed replaced but because it had been sitting for more than six months with no fuel-stabilizer in the gas, now the carburetor has to be cleaned.

Most customers like knowing exactly when their equipment will be repaired so they can plan accordingly . Waiting times in shops vary during the spring, summer, and fall and can range from two to eight weeks. Even though I’ve been as far behind as four weeks, when an appointment is set, the customer knows exactly what day and time I will be there. I manage to complete repairs about 95% of the time on the actual day it is scheduled; The other 5% would be if I had to order parts or an earlier appointment took longer than expected.


I remember the days of working in a shop, when a customer had to load up their expensive equipment to bring it in and drop it off and have to wait weeks, a month, or sometimes longer, and not know what’s going on, whether it’s safe from being stolen, if parts are being swapped out on it, or if the actual problems told or work stated was what was actually performed.

…by using Mobile Mower Mechanic Small Engine Repair service, you don’t have to:

  • load up your own equipment
  • borrow a trailer if you don’t already have one
  • get gas, oil, grass, or obnoxious odors and stains in your vehicle
  • make time to pick up and drop off
  • worry about your equipment for weeks or months