Lawn Mower Repair Labor and Shop Rates, Tune-Up Prices, Repair Estimates, & Trip Costs For Mobile Mower Mechanic



On-Site Travel to Your Home or Business

$55 - $65
  • Distance from Bartlett:
  • 5 Miles - $50
  • 10 - 15 Miles - $55
  • 15+ Miles - $65
  • Out of State - $75
  • Businesses - $85



$55 + Service call
  • Air Filter
  • Spark Plug
  • Oil Change
  • Sharpen Blade



$120* + Service Call
  • Air, Oil, & Fuel Filters
  • Oil Change/Lube Fittings
  • Spark Plugs
  • Sharpen Blades
  • Deck Leveling
  • Safety Check


Per Hour*, Per piece of Equipment

$55 - $75/ hour
  • 2-Cycle Equipment $55/ hr
  • Blade Sharpening - $10
  • Push Mower Repair - $60/hr
  • Riding Mower Repair - $65/hr
  • Zero-Turn Mower Repair - $75/hr
  • *1 hour minimum per piece of equipment


Our Minimum Charge is $90, includes the Service Call Rate + the 1st Hour of Labor, (such as on a push mower or smaller piece of equipment). Your minimum price depends solely on the travel distance to you, the type of equipment to be serviced, and whether a tune-up, repair, or both. Our Minimum Price could be as much as $150 the further we travel outside Bartlett, TN, the more, or larger the equipment. (Such as riding mowers and zero turn mowers or multiple pieces) Click here for More INFO

A Push Mower tune-up is around $95(service call + labor + parts + tax)

A Riding Mower tune-up is around $195(service call + labor + parts + tax)

If additional repairs are required beyond tune-up procedures, our hourly labor rate is in addition to the Tune-up rates.
If parts have to be ordered, cost of parts must be prepaid in full.
A basic Diagnostic/Troubleshooting & Inspection is $30.00 if we diagnose your equipment problem and you decide not to get it repaired.

Our Warranty

We have a thirty(30) day warranty only on the repairs performed and completed at time of service but does not cover parts of the equipment or engine we did not work on.

The replacement parts and engines we use also have their own manufacturers warranties which we honor through those respective manufacturers.

Your Responsibility

We provide advice on our blog for D-I-Yers, covering maintenance, tune-ups, storage/winterizing, and ethanol fuel issues relating to your lawn mowers and other small engines.

You assume all responsibility and you accept all liability for the outcome of performing these actions and procedures as outlined in your owners manual for your particular small engine product and fully understand safety measures and exercise common sense.

If you performed any of this on you own or if you supplied any of your own parts(especially after-market), and then you call us for help, our warranty is at our discretion.

Right To Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse any equipment for any reason, including your location, distance away, prior repairs, rigging, and overall condition and age of the equipment.

We do not work on vehicles, boats and boat motors, scooters, or aftermarket engines and equipment such as that bought from the internet or Harbor Freight.